What is your minimum cake order and serving portion?

My minimum cake order is 6" round cake. The price is start from $148 and it can feed up to 7-8 pax.

Serving portion
This is just a rough guide as the actual serving portion will depend on how big piece the cake is cut into. The bigger the cake is being cut, the lesser people can enjoy the cake!

Single tier cake
7'' round cake served up to 10 pax
8'' round cake up to 20 pax

2 tier cake
5'' round over 7'' round can served up to 20 pax
6'' round over 8'' round can served up to 30 pax
7'' round over 9'' round can served up to 45 pax

Is your cakes halal?

All ingredients use is halal certified.

But i do not have the halal certified

How many days in advance should I order?

2-3 week in advance for cupcakes orders
3-4 week in advance for cake orders
4-5 week in advaance for dessert table orders

If you have any urgent cake request, you may also contact me if I am available to help.

Please take note that your order is not confirmed until a 50% deposit is receive from you and you received a confirmation email/message from me.

Deposit MUST be received at least 7 working days before the actual date of the cake collection. If not, the order will be not be confirmed.

By enquiring the date of availability doesn’t mean that your order is confirmed for the date has been blocked for you.

How do I place an order?

To order, you can send me your order to 2littleaprons@gmail.com.

Or you can use the inquiry forms available in this website.
To place a cake and cupcakes order click here.
To place a dessert table order click here.

How do I confirm the order?

A 50% deposit is required to confirm your order.

You may do an internet bank transfer to POSB saving account or ATM transfer. Once you have made payment, please inform me so that I can confirm receipt of your deposit and confirm your order.

The remaining 50% of the payment can be made upon collection / delivery in cash. If you prefer, you can also choose to pay the full amount at a go.

Please note that your order will not be processed until I receive your deposit.

Do you provide delivery?

Yes. I do. Delivery is charged at $35 to most location in Singapore. An additional charge might apply for locations in Sentosa, distant locations, late night, early morning or public holiday and eve of public holiday deliveries.

Delivery timing slots are between 11am – 5pm daily, depending on location and availability.

If I want to self collect the cake, where is the collection point?

Yes, you may collect the cake at Punggol at mutually convenient timing.

How do I store the cakes or cupcakes?

For fondant covered cakes, please place in air-conditioned room. It is not necessary to put in the fridge or chiller. Not advisable to put the cake out in the room temperature and definitely not out in the open.

For fresh / buttercream covered cakes / cupcakes, please place them in the fridge or chiller until serving. This is to ensure that the cream doesn’t melt in our hot humid Singapore weather.

How long can I keep the cakes / cupcakes?

All my cakes / cupcakes are make with the freshest ingredients and most of the time, the cakes / cupcakes are baked from scratch on the day itself and they tasted the best on the day itself.

If you need to keep the cakes / cupcakes, best to consumed within 3 days from the day of collection.

Cancellation/ Refund Policy

For any Dessert Tables or cakes orders cancellation

Cancel 2 week prior to party date or cake collection date - Full Refund

Cancel less than 14 day but more than 7 day - 50% Refund

Cancel Less than 7 day but more than 3 day - 30% Refund

No Refund will be given for any Cancellation less than 3 day before party date/ cake collection

You will be billed for all the Materials and ingredients bought for party